We do not provide erotic services!
A person taking advantage of the services of Unity Point should be at least 18
Massage can be booked for an exact time via phone. The client has the right to inform the personnel about him or her being late.
Without such information being provided, the client can be 15 minutes late.
After the elapse of 15 minutes (without providing the personnel with a proper information), the client may not be serviced or the booking made can be cancelled.
The masseur can disallow the patient to take part in a massage when: the client is intoxicated or affected by various drugs,
Suffers from skin-specific or infectious diseases.
Behaves in an inappropriate manner (sexual service request, aggression) – in such a case the massage can be finished earlier. The client is obliged to undertake the full payment for the massage performed.
Individuals calling us from hidden numbers will be asked to provide their contact data.
Clients who fail to attend sessions twice (without informing the personnel about the said fact) will be added to our black list.
Massage session lasts 50-55 minutes + shower.
Payment for the service can be undertaken before/after the massage.
Each and every client has the right to cancel the session 1.5 hours before its commencement. Clients cancelling massages twice will be blacklisted. Clients who will book massages and will fail to attend them or will not cancel their session beforehand will be asked to undertake the payment for the service ordered or else they will be blacklisted for the next 3 months.
Recording the performed massage by clients is strictly forbidden.
The entity which has published those Terms and Conditions has the right to change them.
It is forbidden to copy or disclose any content, as well as utilize the published photos. The failure to comply with the rules set forth will be punished.

Those Terms and Conditions entered into force on 10.11.2018

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