Tantra, holistic, and relaxing massages.
Meditation and hypnosis.

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Massage is an exceptionally relaxing and refreshing experience. It ensures soothing and helps the body unwind.


Massage can improve your both mental and physical well-being. It affects both the body and the mind.


Holistic massage helps forget about shame, positively impacts the skin, and teaches acceptance.

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About us


At the Unity Point Salon, each and every session is individual in character, and our massages are adjusted to the preferences of our clients. Thanks to constant work and experiences gathered, we improve the quality of our services and introduce new ones that you will surely not find in any other salon.

The holistic Tantra massage is a complete and voluntary celebration of manhood and womanhood. It is a feast not only for the body, but also for the soul. It is the unity of spirituality, intimacy, awareness, and divinity. It is a great way of balancing both soul and heart, allowing them to work in unison.
During the massage, you open yourself to a deep connection with your own body, mind, soul, and sexuality.
Our massage is not oriented towards sexual pleasure of fulfilling one’s erotic needs. It is rather the conscious directing sexual energy to our hearts and bodies.
Advantages of the session :
– relieves tensions and stress
– deeply relaxes and unwinds the body
– improves emotional and sexual sphere of life
– opens to sensuality and care

Unity Point Team

Our recommendations


  • Tantra Black od 200 PLN

    Basic holistic massage session for men (black).

  • 60 min 240 PLN
  • 90 min 370 PLN
  • Tantra Violet od 200 PLN

    Basic holistic massage session for women (violet).

  • 60 min 240 PLN
  • 90 min 370 PLN
  • Tantra Twice Black od 250 PLN

    During such sessions, lingam or joni spots are taken care of twice.

  • 60 min 280 PLN
  • 90 min 410 PLN
  • 120 min 550 PLN
  • Tantra Twice Violet od 250 PLN

    During such sessions, lingam or joni spots are taken care of twice.

  • 60 min 280 PLN
  • 90 min 410 PLN
  • 120 min 550 PLN
  • Tantra Double Black od 400 PLN

    Massage session is performed by two masseurs

  • Tantra Unity Black and Violet od 400 PLN

    Session for a man and a woman, who would like to experience holistic massage together. The session takes place in the same room.

  • 60 min 480 PLN
  • 90 min 740 PLN
  • Tantra VIP Men od 360 PLN

    VIP session of holistic massage for men.

  • 90 min 440 PLN
  • 120 min 580 PLN
  • Tantra VIP Women od 360 PLN

    VIP session of holistic massage for women.

  • 90 min 440 PLN
  • 120 min 580 PLN
  • Tantra VIP Couple od 520 PLN

    VIP session of holistic massage for couples.

  • 90 min 880 PLN
  • 120 min 1140 PLN
  • Tantra breath of Shiva and Shakti od 410 PLN

    Tantra breath of Shiva and Shakti są jedną z klasycznych technik masażu tantrycznego.

  • 90 min 430 PLN
  • 120 min 540 PLN
  • 150 min 620 PLN
  • Medytacje soon
  • 60 min soon
  • 90 min soon
  • Hipnoza soon
  • 60 min soon
  • 90 min soon

* black – man
* violet – woman
*PLEASE NOTE! During bank holidays, massage prices are PLN 30 higher for individual clients and PLN 50 higher for couples.

About the massage


You can visit us every single day from 10 A.M to 10 P.M. Please note that a given date has to be booked beforehand. It is recommended to contact us a day before, but you can also call us on the day of desired massage session.

Reserve some free time for a conversation before and after the session, as well as for taking a shower. We provide the rest – clean towels and shower gel.

We provide services to all adult men and women. It is never too late for new and unusual experiences!
No. Said actions are strictly forbidden. During the massage, you are the receiving party. All you have to do is to relax. We want to create transparent framework of sensuality and contact.
Yes! Tantra relaxes and boosts your energy. Sexual energy typically gathers around pelvis area and is stimulated during the session. We typically perceive it as arousal and that is why Tantra massage is so sensual. We are open to all the bodily reactions.
Yes! Lingam massage (intimate massage for men) is very pleasant, regardless of erection or lack thereof. Pleasure then covers your entire body. Tantra massage can have a very positive impact on erection-related disorders that are connected with one’s mental state. Thanks to our sessions, you can relax without pressure of fear and experience your own sensuality in a very pleasant way.

Yes, it is! We offer massages for couples in the same room or in two separate rooms. You can select a male or a female masseur, as well as two female masseurs to perform the massage. Many people select such a massage to celebrate their anniversary or any other special day.

Yes, it can! Regardless if you are with someone or if you live alone, touch is a perfect inspiration for an intimate contact. What is more, during the session, you may experience new levels of your sexuality.
Yes! Tantra massage is oriented not only towards the body, but also – towards the soul. It also combines bodily experiences with emotions. Tantric massage opens you to new experiences and helps you become more sensual.
It may happen, but it is not a certainty. We support both men and women who visit us. We focus on their sensuality and physical experiences. Touch can stimulate and cause orgasm after 1.5 hours of massage, which will be the climax of the entire session. Other clients are oriented towards forgetting about the tension and enjoying a loving touch without any hidden agenda. We can satisfy all our customers! The aim of Tantra massage is to stimulate energy, maintain it, and distribute it all over the body.
There is a certain masseur available during every shift, but if you have visited us earlier, you can always ask us about the possibility of undergoing a session with a particular employee of the salon.
Unfortunately not. Our offer does not include such services. It is addressed to open individuals with proper manners, who are willing to experience something new and are capable of treating our team with respect.
Absolutely not. Masseurs will then explain the nature of the massage and if the client still insists, the session will be cancelled.

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Monday – Saturday: 10:00 A.M – 10 P.M.
Sunday: 10:00 A.M – 9 P.M.

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Phone number: 510 510 645 E-mail: biuro@unitypoint.pl
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