Tantra Black Twice – Tantra massage for men including the possibility of taking care of lingam spots twice. Sexual arousal is of exceptional importance for men. When a given person works on his sensual energy, he develops his inner power. When arousal is cultivated, distributed across the entire body, and released afterwards, it then becomes a pure vital energy.

Double Lingam massage is an intense treatment, within the scope of which a man can fully explore his sexual potential. He can then contact his hidden power. Each and every experience connected with libido is a source of happiness and fulfillment. In the case of our salon, the classic concept of Tantra massage is combined with double lingam spot simulation.


W celu rezerwacji miejsca zapraszamy do kontaktu przez poniższy formularz, bezpośrednio przez e-mail biuro@unitypoint.pl lub telefonicznie 510 510 645. Można także skorzystać z rezerwacji przez system Booksy.

  • Tantra Twice Black od 250 PLN

    During such sessions, lingam or joni spots are taken care of twice.

  • 60 min 260 PLN
  • 90 min 410 PLN
  • 120 min 530 PLN

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Telefon: 510 510 645
E-mail: biuro@unitypoint.pl

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