Tantra Black is a relaxing full body massage, during which a warm coconut oil is taken advantage of. It starts from an initial conversation the aim of which is to discuss the specificity of the said massage type. Before the session, it is worth taking a shower to prepare the body for the treatment better. After the massage proper and after receiving the confirmation from the client, we can also take care of his or her lingam spots.

Deep breathing is of exceptional importance. In the case of men, it helps control the flow of energy. Please remember that the massage can be different from traditional ways of experiencing male sexuality.

Said experience is different every time and has a highly individual form. The massage can, but does not need to, end with ejaculation.

Tantra is a strong form of relaxation that fills us with vital energy. What is more, it helps get rid of tension that may accumulate in our bodies as a result of stressful situations. Such a massage can make it possible for you to start perceiving your life from a completely different angle.


W celu rezerwacji miejsca zapraszamy do kontaktu przez poniższy formularz, bezpośrednio przez e-mail biuro@unitypoint.pl lub telefonicznie 510 510 645. Można także skorzystać z rezerwacji przez system Booksy.

  • Tantra Black od 200 PLN

    Basic holistic massage session for men (black).

  • 60 min 230 PLN
  • 90 min 350 PLN

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