Unity Point with its seat in Cracow, Metalowców 3/8 Street, Cracow shall be the Administrator of your Personal Data. If you happen to have any questions or problems related to your personal data, we will gladly help you – just contact us at biuro@unitypoint.pl.

Your personal data shall be processed basing on article 6 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By using this website and taking advantage of our services, the user shall agree for his or her Personal Data to be processed in line with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy shall constitute an integral part of our Terms and Conditions; while accepting our Terms and Conditions, you also agree for complying with this Privacy Policy. In the case of identical terms being used in both Terms and Conditions and in this Privacy Policy, the latter ones shall be considered the binding ones.

Table of Contents
Definitions used in this Privacy Policy
Data protection principles we follow
What are your rights in relation to your Personal Data?
What data about you do we gather?
How do we utilize your personal data?
Who else will have the access to your personal data?
How do we protect your data?
Information on Cookie files
Server logs
Information included in forms
Contact information
Personal Data Administrator – owner of this website
Personal data – all pieces of information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
Processing – any operation or set of operations performed with Personal Data or sets of Personal Data.
Processing entity – partner processing Personal Data.
Data subject – natural person the Personal Data of whom are processed.
Child – minor below the age of 16.
We – administrator of your Personal Data, namely – Unity Point in Cracow, Metalowców 3/8 Street, Cracow

Data protection principles
We shall be obliged to comply with the following data protection-related principles:

Data processing shall be legal, honest, and transparent in character. Our actions performed with regard to personal data processing shall be compliant with the applicable law regulations. We shall always consider your rights before processing your Personal Data. We can also provide you with key pieces of information connected with personal data processing on your request.
Data processing shall be limited to a specific aim. Our actions connected with personal data processing shall be fully adjusted to the purpose for which they are being collected.
Processing shall be based on utilizing the minimal amount of data. We shall gather and process such amount of Personal Data that are required to realize a specific goal, for example – providing a service.
Data processing shall be limited in time. We shall not store your Personal Data for longer than it is needed.
We shall do our best to ensure the validity of processed data.
We shall do our best to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of processed data.
Rights of the data owner
Data owner shall have the following rights:

Right to receive information – it means that you have the right to know whether or not your Personal Data are processed, what data are gathered, how they are gathered, by whom they are processed, and for what purpose.
Right to access – it means that you have the right to access data gathered from you and relating to you. It also covers the right to request a copy of the gathered Personal Data.
Right to amend – it means that you have the right to request the amendment or deletion of your personal data that you consider to be inaccurate or incomplete.
Right to delete – it means that under some circumstances you can request your Personal Data to be deleted from our registers.
Right to limit the scope of processing – it means that if certain conditions are met, you have the right to limit the scope of processing your Personal Data.
Right to disallow processing – it means that you can in some cases disallow the administrator to process your Personal Data, for example with regard to direct marketing.
Right to disallow automatic processing – it means that you have the right to disallow automatic processing of your data, including profiling. You may also opt out of being the subject of decision made basing exclusively on automatic processing. Said right shall apply when profiling causes some legal effects that affect or remarkably impact you personally.
Right to transfer data – you have the right to receive your personal data in a format allowing for their automatic access or, if possible, for your data to be transferred from one data processing entity to another.
Right to make a complaint – if we reject your application to access your data, we will also provide you with the reason for such a decision and a proper justification thereof. If you are not satisfied with the way your application has been handled, please contact us.
Right to request the support of a supervisory body – it means that you have the right to request the support of a supervisory body and take advantage of other legal measures, such as, among others, compensation.
Right to cancel consent – you have the right to cancel any consent for your personal data to be processed.
Data we collect
Pieces of information you have provided us with
They include your e-mail, name and surname, billing address, place of residence, etc. – those are all key information allowing us to provide you with service or improve the quality of our website functioning. We save data you provided to us to allow you for posting comments and performing other actions within the website. Such pieces of information include name and surname, as well as your e-mail address.

Data about you collected automatically
Those all the pieces of information stored automatically by Cookie files and other session-specific tools. Such data make it possible to improve the quality of customer servicing. When you utilize our services or browse the content of our website, your actions may be registered.

Data available publically
We may gather data about you that are publically available.

How do we use your personal data?
We utilize your personal data for the following purposes:

To provide you with our services. It includes, among others, account registration; providing you with products and services you have requested; providing you with information on promotions and contacting you with regard to products and services; communicating and interacting with you for the purpose of service provision; informing you about any and all changes in our services.
To improve the quality of customer servicing;
Comply with the applicable law regulations and agreements.
We utilize your personal data for highly specific purposes and/or after receiving your consent.

After concluding an agreement with you or fulfilling our contractual obligations, we may process your personal data for the following purposes:

to identify you;
to provide services to you;
to communicate with you for sales-related purposes or to issue an invoice;

Due to our justified interests, we may process your personal data for the following purposes:

to send you personalized offers;
Unless you state otherwise, our goal is to provide you with services that are similar or identical to your purchase and browsing history, which is considered to be our justified interest.

After receiving your consent, we may process your personal data for the following purposes:

to send you bulletins and promotional offers;
in the case of other purposes, we will ask you for your consent;
We shall process your personal data to comply with the requirements resulting from the applicable law regulations and/or to utilize your personal data in situations specified by law. We shall have the right to making the gathered personal data anonymous and to take advantage of such data. We shall utilize data exceeding the limitations specified in this Privacy Policy only after making them anonymous. We shall record billing information and other information about you for as long as it is needed to meet our accounting-related goals and to fulfill our other legal obligations, but no longer than it is specified by the act on accounting or till claim limitation.

We may process your personal data for additional purposes not specified herein, but being in line with the initial goal for which they have been collected. We ensure you that:

connection between goals, context, and nature of personal data is valid for further processing;
further processing will not affect your interests negatively
processed data will be properly secured.
We will also inform you about any case of additional data processing and its goals.

Who else can also access your personal data?
We shall not disclose your personal data to unauthorized third parties. Your personal data may sometimes be provided to our trusted partners to make it possible for them to provide certain services and to increase customer’s satisfaction level. We may disclose your data to:

Data processing entities:

ADMIN.NET.PL Hosting operator, Tomasz Rzepka Arkadiusz Nowara Partnership, Bitwy Pod Monte Cassino 5/198 Street, 33-100 Tarnów, TIN no.: 8733250257, REGON no.: 122662465, available under the following URL: MyDevil.net
Our business partners:

Other trusted third parties:

We only cooperate with entities that can ensure a proper level of protection of your personal data. We may disclose your personal data to third parties or particular official only if we are legally obliged to do so. We may disclose your personal data to third parties if you have granted us your consent for that or if there are other legal bases for doing so.

How do we protect your data?
We do our best to make sure that your data are safe. We utilize safe communication and data transfer protocols (such as HTTPS). If need be, we may make the processed data anonymous or pseudonimize them. We also monitor our system with regard to weak points and possible attacks.

Even though we try our best, we cannot ensure the full safety of data. We promise that we will inform proper bodies about breaches relating to data safety. We will also inform you about that should any threat to your rights and interest occur. We will do all that we can to prevent security breaches and help proper bodies deal with all kinds of violations.

If you have an account on our platform, remember to keep your login and password confidential.

We do not intend on gathering information about minors. We do not provide our services to children.

Cookie files and other technologies we utilize
We utilize Cookie files and/or other technologies to analyze behavioral patterns of our clients, administer the website, track user activity, and gather information about the users. All the undertakings aim at the personalization and improvement of your experiences while taking advantage of our services.

Cookie file is a small text file that is stored on your computer. Cookie files store information that help websites operate properly.

Within the scope of the Website, two major types of Cookie files are utilized, namely: session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary files that are stored on the end device of the User till logout, leaving a given website, or closing down the software used to access it (web browser). Persistent Cookie files are stored on the end device of the user for a specific period of time or until they are deleted by the user.

You can manage your Cookies by using web browser’s settings. If you decide to disable Cookie files, you may make accessing certain website functions troublesome or impossible. We do not recommend disabling Cookie files.

We use Cookie files for the following purposes:
Vital Cookie files – such Cookie files are indispensible to use some important functions of our website, such as logging in and maintaining user’s session. Such files do not include any personal data whatsoever.
Functional Cookie files – such Cookie files ensure a proper functionality which makes taking advantage of our services more convenient and allows for providing users with more personalized services. Such files may, for example, remember your name and e-mail address in comment form, for you not to be required to provide them every single time you want to comment on something.
Statistics-related Cookie files – such Cookie files are used to track users, as well as to monitor the functioning of our website and services. They may be connected with external services and be disclosed to third parties basing on this Privacy Policy.
Ad-related Cookie files – such Cookie files are used to display ads that are adjusted to your preferences and fields of interest. Also, they are used to limit the number of views of a given ad. They are typically published on the website after the consent of the Website Operator is granted. Such Cookies remember that you have visited a given website and disclose said data to other organizations, such as advertisers. Cookie files used to manage traffic and display ads are typically connected with functions of the website that are provided by a third party.
Cookie files deletion

You can delete Cookie files stored on your computer by accessing the settings sections of your browser. You can also control Cookie files of other companies by taking advantage of such privacy protection platforms as optout.aboutads.info or youronlinechoices.com. We would like to inform that disabling Cookie files that are used for verification, security, and personalization purposes may in some cases even lead to the inability to use the website.

We utilize Google Analytics to measure traffic on our website. Google has its own Privacy Policy that you can check here. If you want to disallow Google Analytics tracking you, visit a proper subpage of the Google Analytics website.

To manage your Cookie file-related settings, choose a proper web browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions you are presented with:

a. Internet Explorer

b. Chrome

c. Safari

d. Firefox

e. Opera

f. Android

g. Safari (iOS)

h. Windows Phone

i. Blackberry

Server logs
Information on some actions of users are logged by the server. Such data are utilized only to manage the website and to ensure the most efficient hosting service provision.

Browsed resources are identified by their URL addresses. Additionally, stored data may include:

Request reception time,
Answer sending time,
Client’s station name – identification via the HTTP protocol,
Information on errors occurring while realizing an HTTP transaction,
URL address of the website that has been previously visited by the user (referrer link) – in the case of visit being a result of clicking a link,
Information on user’s web browser,
Information on the IP address.
The aforementioned data are not connected in any way with individual users browsing the website. Such data are utilized for server management purposes only.

Information in forms
The website gathers data provided by users in a voluntary manner. The website may also save data on connection parameters (timestamp, IP address). Data provided in the form are not disclosed to third parties without user’s consent. Data provided in forms may be treated as a database of prospective clients.

Data provided in the form are processed for the purposes a given form has been created for, for example to manage a servicing request or to establish commercial contact.

Data provided in forms may be disclosed to entities providing certain services – it especially relates to data on the owner of the registered domain to entities being domain operators (especially: NASK National Research Institute), platforms managing payments, or to other entities that the Personal Data Administrator has been cooperating with.

Contact data
Personal Data Protection Inspector
In the case of any questions connected to data processing, your rights related to personal data processing, or this Privacy Policy, please contact our Personal Data Protection Inspector [YOUR DATA OR DATA OF THE INSPECTOR]

Supervisory body
E-mail: kancelaria@giodo.gov.pl
Phone no. 22 531 03 00
Fax no. 22 531 03 01
URL: https://giodo.gov.pl

Changes to this Privacy Policy
We shall reserve the right to introduce changes to this Privacy Policy.

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